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Welcome to GRAPHIC GOLD's Book Publishing Services.

We have been working with self-publishers since 1982 and offer a broad of range of publishing services including:
       Publication Design and Camera-ready Production
       Cover Design and Camera-ready Production
       Text Input (keyboarding into electronic format)
       ISBN Bar Code Creation (you must apply for and obtain publication number)
       Printing & Binding Coordination
       Complete Project Coordination

Our services differ from many publishing agencies. Self-publishing with Graphic Gold is ideal for those who want to exercise control over their publication's production, sales and promotion and for those who want to publish books quickly. In contrast to a publishing agency, we do not purchase or retain any copyrights or ownership of your work; nor do we charge you a percentage of your sales. All books are yours to market and distribute as you see fit. We take no responsibility for your publication's sales or promotion. With a traditional publishing agency it may take anywhere from several months to several years to gain manuscript approval and then see your publication in print. Self-publishing allows you to set the timeline yourself.

Our definition of a "self-publisher" is one who writes or compiles and edits a publication, pays for all costs of publication design, camera-ready layout, printing and binding, and then markets the publication. A self-publisher assumes all risks incurred in producing a publication including obtaining all copyright permissions necessary for all text or images used in the publication.

Our services include taking a publication from the very, very beginning through to the printing, manufacturing and delivery of finished books, booklets, or pamphlets.

We require that clients supply us with electronic text files with all proofreading and editing already completed. (If you need editing services, we can refer you to a couple of editing services with whom we like to work.) We then design the overall look of the publication based on your specific tastes and once you approve a look that you like, we then complete all page layout camera-ready production. Once your publication has been proofed and given the final approval as "ready to go" by you, the client, we then coordinate with a book printer and bindery service to complete the finished publication.

We offer both offset printing and digital printing. Offset printing is the method used on quantities of 500 or greater. This is when negatives are shot and plates are burned to go on actual offset printing presses. Digital printing is the method generally selected for smaller quantities. Nothing is actually printed on a press. It is generally a high-speed heat-set process. We do not recommend this if your publication has a large number of photographs because they do not reproduce as well with this process as with an offset press.

We also offer numerous methods of book binding. The choices are Case Binding (hard cover), Lay-flat Perfect Binding (to stay open a bit better), Regular Perfect Binding, Comb Binding, and Saddle Stitching (stapling down center for publication which are 24 pages or less).

If you are interested in our services, one of us we will be happy to set up a meeting with you to answer any questions you may have. Contact us at 530-756-2309 or send an e-mail to wmaster@ggweb.com.

Please visit a few of our self-publishing client Websites:
       Avesbury-Cross Associates
       Bear Klaw Press
       Bibli O'Phile Publishing Company
       Paul Castelfranco
       East/West Bridge Publishing House
       Honeyfield Publishing
       Lotter Press
       National Housing Register
       Range of Light Publications
       Venture Press


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